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  • What kinds of ingredients do you use in your menu items?
    The Lunch Box is committed to serving real food. We are proudly nitrate-free, all natural, preservative-free and free of MSG.
  • how can i place a catering or delivery order?
    You can visit our website,, or call us at 281.941.9381.
  • Does the lunch box deliver?
    Yes, delivery is available on orders of 10 or more. Delivery fees apply.
  • how early do i need to place my order?
    We request 24-hour notice for trays and boxed lunch orders.
  • how do i purchase gift cards?
    You can purchase gift cards in-store at the Lunch Box.
  • who can i contact if i have questions or issues with my gift card?
    For questions, issues or gift card balances, please call 1.866.474.6467.
  • how do i apply for a position at the lunch box?
    Click HERE to apply, or drop by the store to get an application in person.

Still have questions? We're here to help!

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